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                                                                LEC Fly Fishing Video Learning Center


​The LEC learning center is a series of short videos (less than 10 minutes each) to give a overview of fly fishing topics. The introduction level topics in fly fishing can range from what are the types of flies, how to set your fly lines to fly fishing tips on particular type of fishing techniques.  


This LEC video series is geared toward those who are newer to fly fishing.  We will be continuously adding new videos so you should check back regularly.

Fly Fishing Flies Explained (Streamers, Nymphs, Dry Flies & More)

How to Set Up Your Fly Line, Leader, Tippet, & Flies

Reading the Water-Fly Fishing for Beginners

How to set the hook fly fishing

How to Net a Trout by Yourself


Safe Wading Tips

Intro to Euro Nymphing

Use Stream Flow Data to Find Feeding Trout

Tying Jay’s Knot

Dry Fly Fishing for Trout Tips


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